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    Sterilizing MachineLocation:Home > Product > Sterilizing Machine
    YHSJJ-4 Secondary Spaying Sterilization Machine
        Product Description

    1.This machine sprays to pour the structure Ba’s surname to disinfect machine for the chain net type. The whole machine all adopts a stainless steel material, the chain net adopts heat-resisting, can choose import or national product.
    2.The lord spreads to move an adoption to twist greatly low turn to decelerate machine to turn to move soon, host ,pass in and out a bottle to transport system to all adopt to change a machine to adjust soon ,the electrictity consumes low, circulate steady, safety credibility.
    3.Temperature controls system consists of temperature cells, temperature control equipment and so on ,The temperature is accurate to attain the request of above of below one degree, assure to disinfects quality.
    4.Spray nozzle adopts stainless steel new structure, let the water appears umbrella and fog form, well-heat effect ,and will not exit temperature dead angle ,heat effect is uniform ,thus can assure each bottle’s disinfection effect.
    The Model: YHSJJ-4
    The Production Capacity : 20000 CUP/hour (200ml)
    The power of A Motor :47.5kw
    Producing Steam Pressure :=0.3Mpa
    Steam Consuming Ability:?600kg/h
    Steam Consumption:0.3m3/min
    Production Water Consumption:=1000kg/h
    Disinfection System:90?
    Out of Hot Temperature 70?-90?
    Total Disposing Time: 36min
    Disinfecton Time :15min
    Machine Net Weight:?15t
    Outer Shape Dismension:18000x2500x1750mm

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