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    Glass Filling MachineLocation:Home > Product > Glass Filling Machine
        Product Description

    HGFJ-B-40-12 Full Automatic Rotary Filling and Sealing Machine is a new generation high speed filling machine developed by the company.On the basis of many years experience in manufacturing the same model machine,it shows high speed,smooth running and great automation
    The Model     HGFJ-B-40-12
    Applicable Bottle Mouth : 35- 45mm
    Applicable Bottle Diameter: 50- 70mm
    Applicable Bottle Height:110mm-170mm
    The Output :20000Bottles/hour
    Power :9kw
    The Air Consumption:0.3m³ /min
    The Overall Dimensions :2400x2200x2200mm
    The Weight :1550kg

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